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Riverside Resource Recovery Facility

Place: Riverside Resource Recovery Facility at Belvedere - London Borough of Bexley

Job: Earthworks and Stabilisation Scheme

Client: Costain

Duration: 3 weeks commencing August 2010

Value: £92,000

The Riverside Resource Recovery Facility at Belvedere, in the London Borough of Bexley will provide cost savings for London Borough Councils upstream of the Thames. It is cheaper to incinerate waste than send to the ever increasing cost of landfill. Enough electricity will also be generated to provide power to around 50,000 homes.

The container storage yard which houses all the ash from the incinerator, will be subjected to high loadings, so stabilisation was used to increase the bearing capacity of the site won soils, of which there was a surplus. A cost saving for the client on muck away and import of high quality fill was another benefit.

McArdle stabilised the 300mm capping replacement to 15% CBR on the lower layer and 30% CBR on the 300mm upper layer, of which the upper 150mm was a sub-base replacement.

McArdle then sourced a local crushed concrete supplier to place a 150mm layer on the 30% CBR material.

Cement was then added to the crushed concrete to achieve a compressive strength of C8/10 at 7 days.

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