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Winchester South Park & Ride

Place: Winchester South Park & Ride

Job: Earthworks and Stabilisation Scheme

Client: Dyer & Butler

Duration: 12 weeks over three phases commencing April 2009.

Value: £200,000

McArdle won the earthworks and stabilisation package for the new Winchester South Park & Ride scheme in Hampshire.

30,000m3 of topsoil was stripped and placed to stockpile; some would be used later for the works with the rest staying in earth bunds.

The chalk material on the edge of the South Downs provided a good fill material that was also cement stabilised on the final layer enabling a cold recycled bituminous bound material to be laid directly on it.

In total, 40,000m3 of chalk was cut to fill including over 5000m3 of stabilisation.

The paths were also filled with stabilised material to further reduce imported stone.

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