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Addenbrookes Hospital - Cambridge

Place: Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge - Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB)

Job: Earthworks and Stabilisation Scheme

Client: BAM Construction Ltd.

Duration: 9 weeks commencing March 2009

Value: £550 000.

Following their first contract on the LMB site for Kane, McArdle won a second contract, this time direct for Bam Construction Ltd.

The work involved 26,000m2 of topsoil strip, followed by a cut to fill operation including modification of soils to change the class U1A material to a class 2B suitable for construction.

The formation levels were then lime stabilised, both on the building footprint and on the external areas.

An imported recycled crushed concrete piling platform was placed on the building footprint along with an access road around the site.

The contract also called for 16,000m3 of muck away, so eight of McArdle’s 8-wheel tippers were brought from their Colnbrook, Berkshire base to remove the material to local facilities.

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