Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

M25 Junction 16-23 and 27-30 Widening

Place: M25 Jct. 16-23 and 27-30 Widening

Job: Stabilisation Scheme

Client: McArdle Contracts

Duration:5 weeks commencing March 2009, then 2 weeks commencing September 2010

Value: £300,000+


  • Agricultural fields adjacent to the M25 would become compounds for the widening works of the motorway.
  • McArdle Contracts stripped and moved the topsoil to bunds.
  • Following the topsoil strip, a cut to fill exercise was carried out to shape to falls.>/li>
  • McArdle Stabilisation then stabilised the in-situ soils with lime and cement to achieve high CBR for overlay of planings and blacktop.
  • Slade Oak compound was no longer required following 18 months of use, so after the buildings and compounds were deconstructed, and the blacktop and planings were removed, McArdle Stabilisation then reworked the previously stabilised soil with their Wirtgen 2500SK mounted rock drum.
  • Reworking the stabilised layer would allow rainwater to naturally drain away, as it had prior to the compound being built.
  • Following the reworking, McArdle Contracts replaced the topsoil, so returning the fields to agricultural farmland

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