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Kingston Dock - Port Glasgow, Scotland

Place: Kingston Dock - Port Glasgow, Scotland

Job: Remediation Scheme

Client: RJT Excavations.

Duration: 4 ½ months commencing April 2008

Value: £485,000

Following demolition of a gas works, McArdle were employed by RJT to remediate contaminated soils in localised areas around the site. Contaminants were found to be Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons and Cyanide. McArdle employed Envirotreat to develop modified clays that chemically and physically immobilise the contaminants.

Following detailed delineation works, and preliminary testing, a laydown area was constructed for the treatment area. Contaminated soil was laid out in 150m3 batches then sprayed with known quantities of ‘E-Clays’, then mixed with McArdle’s Wirtgen 2500SK rotovator. Following a thorough mix, materials were moved to a curing area for up to 4 weeks.

Validation testing confirmed all materials were within parameters set by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). During excavations, McArdle treated contaminated perched groundwater with a carbon filter and silt separation tank. Three disused gas holders full of contaminated water were also treated the same way.

Nearly 10 000m3 of soil, over 15 000m3 of water from the gas holders and 4000m3 of perched groundwater was treated.

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