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A3 Hindhead Stabilisation Scheme


Place: A3 Hindhead

Job: Stabilisation Scheme, North and South Tunnel Approaches

Duration: 25 weeks over 7 phases, commencing June 2009 to October 2010

Value: £590, 000

The earthworks for the Highways Agency’s A3 Hindhead Tunnel was being carried out by McArdle Contracts, who employed McArdle Stabilisation to mix the site won sands with cement to achieve a Class 3 foundation as described in IAN 73.

The approaches to the North and South portals were stabilised using two methods, the first being stabilisation of the site won sands only, and the second being stabilisation of a 50/ 50 mix of site won sands and Type 1.

The 50/50 mix was also transversely crack induced due to the high compressive strength of the mix.

In all 65,000m2 of both sides of the dual carriageway was stabilised plus some lime modification works of wet soils during the winter months.

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