Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Types of Membership

Full Membership

Offers full participation and voting rights and is open to all contractors, consulting engineers, plant, equipment and materials suppliers and others who have an interest in the aims of Britpave and the growth in the market for concrete paving. The eligibility and subscription level will be decided by Council.

Academic/Corresponding Membership

Includes universities and colleges and other bodies who COUNCIL decide are eligible for this category. Corresponding Membership offers Members the facility to correspond electronically or by telephone from a long distance and is for those organisations who have no UK presence. There are no voting rights associated with this grade of membership.

Affiliate Membership

This category is purely designed for Trade Associations who represents a number of product sectors wishing to join and attend Task Group meetings. This membership category has neither voting rights nor can attend AGM’s.