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Date Type of news Headline
10.08.2011 News The past, present and future of Concrete Slab Track
10.08.2011 News Rail network is overcrowded and out-of-date
10.08.2011 News Roads for Rail
20.03.2011 News High-speed vision
20.03.2011 News East London Line
20.03.2011 News Slipform Track Work Success
02.03.2011 Press Releases Rail Network is overcrowded and out-of-date
26.09.2010 News The Railway Environmental Forum
26.09.2010 News Slabtrack next for fibre reinforcement
26.09.2010 News Concrete slabtrack would fulfill potential of high speed rail
10.06.2010 News Concrete Slabtrack Investment Required
05.01.2010 Press Releases High-Speed Rail Network Needs Concrete Tracks
24.09.2009 Press Releases Brown Supports High Speed Rail Plans
01.09.2009 News A High-Speed Connection between France and Spain
28.08.2009 Press Releases Wrong Type of Track could derail High Speed Proposals
24.08.2009 Press Releases Bank Holiday Rail Misery Could be Avoided
03.08.2009 Press Releases Transport Secretary's Support for Long-term investment
07.07.2009 Press Releases UK Could Grind to a Halt
27.05.2009 Press Releases Network Rail's Maintenance Cut
22.05.2009 Press Releases UK's Rail Network Needs Investment Vision
08.04.2009 Press Releases Wrong Type of Track could De-rail Achievement of 21st Century Network
16.02.2009 Press Releases Japanese Bullet Trains will not improve Rail Travel without Track Investment
12.07.2008 News Innovative elastic rail fastening for slab track
14.04.2008 Press Releases Dream of New Era of Rail Travel
04.01.2007 Press Releases Tougher Slab Track, The Way Forward for Network Rail