Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

COLAS is a leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure around the world. With a network spanning over 50 countries and all five continents, COLAS operates in every facet of road construction and maintenance. We have specialist capabilities in lighting, rapid runway, taxiway and apron resurfacing, grooving, flexible and rigid pavement construction, with special heavy duty pavement construction for ports. Upstream activities involving the production and recycling of construction materials (aggregates, ready mixed concrete, emulsions and binders, asphalt mixes, bitumen) are also available through our extensive network of production sites.

Additionally, Colas offer highway services and has extensive experience providing street lighting and Traffic Management. Our Campus for Science and Technology (CST) in Paris, further ensures Colas uses the most up to date technology and materials, aiding with the design of new products and techniques. This is backed by a research and development policy focused on anticipating customer demands in terms of quality, comfort, safety, environmental protection and cost. We have a vast technical network with groups of experts working hard to foster cross disciplinary exchange and we aim to work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

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